5 reasons for homeschooling

Homeschooling is not everyone’s cup of tea. To say this pandemic had everyone deal with some tough situations, would be an understatement. Especially parents, because you see homeschooling is a conscious decision and everyone have their own reasons to homeschool or not. I never thought that I would one day decide to homeschool my kids.

However, I did homeschool my girls in the beginning of their studies and although, it was by no means an easy journey however, it taught me a lot. It taught a lot about my kids too. So if you are thinking that homeschooling just might be what you want to do but are still hesitant about it; here are my 5 reasons why I thought homeschooling was good and why I would do it again if the need arises.

5 reasons for homeschooling

1 – Understand your kid better

To me this is the most important one. Homeschooling actually helped me in understanding my kids better. Made me more aware of their strengths and weakness, not only the ones related to their studies but their personalities as well. You will come to understand how they tackle stuff.

2 – No deadlines means No stress

Think homeschooling as freelancing! you do the work but at your own pace. With your own set of goals. You decide how to achieve those goals. You decide what your child needs to work on more. There is no pressure to meet the deadlines, the assignments are due and the exams are coming up. So with not stressing on these things, you and your kid can actually enjoy the learning part. Not to mention the bonding you achieve.

3 – Time saving

Lets face it, there is more time to do stuff, because you don’t need to have to wash, press and have the uniform ready everyday. Since the kids do not need to be dropped and picked up from school, so there is time saving again, and don’t forget the fuel. Saved time means more time with your kid.

4- Money saving

When you look at what the private schools are charging and the way they are educating the kids, I would say its safer to homeschool. I don’t want my kids to just have a transcript that has all A’s (ok sometimes I do freak out when I see a ‘C’, but that has yet to happen!)  I want them to understand and apply what they have been studying in their daily lives. My only question to teachers, during teacher parent meetings is weather my kids are able to answer questions in the paper without the teacher having to explain everything to them. But then its just not the school fees, there are other expenditures as well. To name a few, the van charges, annual charges and the stationery!

Since the schools now require even the higher grades to have everything they might need in the beginning of the year. I would say its a big money saver.

5 – Education, home chores and the values you want to instill in your kid

Education is not limited to books and academic syllabus. It is how to live your life according to Islam and is also being able to do the regular stuff that is a huge part of our life. For instance, knowing how to run the washing machine, ironing cloths, being able to look after your younger siblings and so much more. Getting the kids involved in household things makes them much more prepared for their practical life. But be patient because you would have to endlessly repeat yourself. And that’s ok, that’s what we are here for, to give gentle reminders. It definitely helps, if instead of ordering I ask them for help. Kids are always willing to help out.

These were my reasons of homeschooling, but as with everything else, homeschooling also has its disadvantages. Like I said, its not for everyone, so in my next post I’ll be discussing some of the not-so-good-things about homeschooling.


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  1. Good one, but there will be disadvantages also.

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