Paper Making by Ania Asif

Today I’ll tell you how to recycle your own used paper.

Instead of throwing your paper in the bin, you can recycle it by making a beautiful piece of art.

So, the materials needed for this process are:

1. Used paper

2. Water

3. Bowl

4. Cooking blender

5. Stainer

6. Cloth

7. Dried leaves and flower petals (optional)


Cut up your paper roughly into one-inch pieces.

Soak your paper in water for one or two hours.

Pour some water and the paper in the blender and Start blending it.

You should blend it until it turns into a pulp.

Take a tub, put the pulp mixture in it and some more water.

If you want to make your paper colorful you can add organic products like; tea leaves, turmeric powder etc. or you can add watercolors and poster paints.

Take your strainer (it can be of any size and shape)

Immerse the strainer in the bowl in which is your pulp and then slowly bring it up out of the mix, until it is fully covered with the particles of pulp.

Now, turn your strainer to a smooth surface.

Take your cloth or sponge and pat it down firmly all over the strainer until your pulp is out of strainer and let it dry overnight!

You can use watercolors, gouache or even poster colors on this paper or you can use these for writing letters to your friends and you can even use these in your journals!!

I hope you’ll try it and I would love to see the picture of it.
Article by Ania Asif

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  1. nice, I really didn’t know about this stuff

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