Merlin’s Youngest Brother


Once upon a time there lived a great great great wizard. His name was Merlin. He want to create a magical key so he can go on adventures but when he create the magical key he died because the magic was so strong…… 1000 years later a boy named Kipper got angry with his friends, Chip and Biff because they were not letting him play with them so, Kipper went angrily and took their toys and started digging the backyard and hiding their toys under the ground. When the last toy was left and he was hiding the last toy in the ground he saw a shining key, he grabbed the key in amazement and before he could go and tell his family about it, the key began to glow brighter and brighter and suddenly Kipper saw himself in a forest. He saw a large butterfly with the size of an elephant and then he saw a giraffe with then size of a cat. Kipper couldn’t believe his eyes and he understood that this place is magical and big animals became small and small animal became big! He saw lots of animals and strange plants and insects, he never had such an awesome adventure and he was enjoying a lot. When he was wandering around, he caught sight of a small house in the middle of the forest!!! He got interested and started walking towards the house. When he knocked, a very scared and shocked voice came “Who is it!?!?” said an old voice. Kipper got petrified and couldn’t said a word, again the same voice came “Who in the name of Merlin are you?!!?”. Kipper answered “I…..I……..I..a…am Kipper. Who are you!” said Kipper loudly and the man replied “I am the youngest brother of Merlin!” Kipper got lost in thought after listening the name “Merlin” and then he said “Mer….lin…Merlin…yeah Merlin! I know that guy; I have read a story about him. He…he was the greatest wizard of all time… but I thought the story was only a myth. Does Merlin really exist?” asked Kipper. The man opened his door. Kipper entered and he saw that the man looked 500 years old! Kipper looked around the house and saw spider webs and insects everywhere. The old man offered him a seat, Kipper didn’t wanted to sit because the sofa was very dusty but he sat for not breaking the strange man’s heart. Kipper wanted to talk to the very old man but he was so nervous, but surprisingly the old man said in his old voice “So, little boy, how did you get here?” Kipper didn’t trust the man so he said “I went to a picnic with my parents and I got lost, then somehow I ended up here.” The old man got suspicious and he said “then your parents must be worried, wouldn’t they?” Kipper ignored this question ad he asked “How many years old are you? After listening this question, the man got lost in thought and after a while the man replied “I think I am 987 years old.” Kipper got shocked and he stupidly asked “How come are you still alive?” The old man laughed after listening this and Kipper got more surprised. But suddenly the old man stopped laughing and said “It’s not fun my boy, it’s a punish from God.” Kipper got totally confused and confused began “What punish? Why was the punish given? The old got more serious and he started to tell me a story “long long ago when I was only 7 years old my brother, Merlin used to play magic tricks with me but he started acting weird, he rarely used to come out of his room, he wasn’t interested in talking with me and nor with my family!!! This was crazy! He used to play with me, he used to talk with me but he started shooing me away. Years and years passed by and every single day I lost my patience. I wanted my brother back!

When I was 13 years old, one day I got a chance and I got into his room. I had never gotten into his room since 6 years! His room had books and wands everywhere! I quickly started looking for what he was hiding from me and my family from all these years when suddenly I saw a bright golden key. I knew something was strange in that key so I grabbed it and took it far away from our house. I found a perfect spot and there I dug a hole and placed the key there. When I got home….I….I….I can’t tell you any more”, the old man stopped his story, tears were spilling down from his eyes, Kipper gave his a glass of water and request to finish his story. The old man gathered all his courage and continued ” when I got home….I saw his death body…Merlin’s death body!!! I was so stupid, I was only 13, and I was responsible for his death!!! Merlin placed all his power in that golden key and I took the key away from him and he… he just died. Then God gave me the punish to live till the end of the world, all alone….

When the old man finished his last world, the magic key in Kipper’s pocket began to glow and he disappeared from that house and came to his own house. Kipper knew this all was real! and he hurried to get all the toys he hid and placed them on their right place. Kipper went to Biff and Chip, they asked him to play with them too and they became friends again.


                                                                                      Story By Maisarah Salman



  1. Masha Allah, gr8 story

  2. Well done ✅ my child you have written a wonderful story. Keep Shining 😍 All the best 👍

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